Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shorts In Winter

Why do some people think its a good idea or even ok to wear shorts in the airport in the winter? Just because you are coming from or going to somewhere warm? Are we supposed to be impressed? Are you that comfortable or excited that you can't cover your ghostly legs? Hey, its December. We are in DETROIT. Why aren't you wearing a parka and a sweater you jackass?
I'm looking for a photo for this. And I WILL find one.
UPDATE: As promised... snagged one.


Hell Yup! said...

and always a white male...

Skip rose said...

indeed...its the crazy whites

Confused: A Blind Dyke at a Fish Market said...

Heeeeey, I wear shorts year round. Generally because I'm too lazy 2 change out of whatever Im wearing around the house.

Shorts in a snowstorm, thats me.

So are you telling me this is why people stare at Krogers? Now I've got a complex, thanks a lot.