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Friday, April 05, 2013

Me & Jude on Shade45 at SXSW 2013

I meant to post this a while ago, but here's the interview with me and Jude at SXSW this year. I stopped by a dimly lit cave of a studio on the side of The W hotel in Austin on a beautiful, sunny day to find a lonely Jude discussing what Jude discusses. Hear about Jewish pimps, designer drugs, BBQ, Yelawolf and the airport Hilton below.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Beer Hoodie

As the summer drew to a close this year, a friend of mine sent me a link for a special kind of hoodie. No, this isn't designed by a famed street artist, and it's not a This Company X That Company cool guy collabo. It's a lot simpler than all of that. See, I appreciate the finer things in life, but I'm also easily satisfied with the simple and mundane practical items that the world has to offer. Ladies and gentleman, Sunday night's awful Giant's game marked the debut of my Beer Hoodie, which has a kangaroo style Joey-pouch to hold your beer, hands-free.

Hands get cold? No problem, throw it in the hoodie. Need to clap because your team just made an interception? No problem, throw it in the hoodie. Have to call your wife to check-in? No problem, use both hands to drunk dial: throw it in the hoodie. This is genius. I don't care if it's ridiculous. So is spending $10 per beer, but we do it anyway. Because we are committed fools. Yeah, you want one dude. Get it here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whole Foods Tribeca

In New York City's Tribeca neighborhood, we were in dire need of a decent grocery store. Before last week, all we really had was a terrible Food Emporium, which was small & dirty with a horrible selection and high prices. But on July 9th the long awaited and hyped Whole Foods opened up! This is second largest Whole Foods in NYC at 70,000 square feet.

It has an incredible selection of groceries and a huge prepared foods section complete with a sushi bar, pizza station, shwarma bar, and several buffet style stations. One of the stations has salad items, there is a desert bar, Indian food, Italian food and even a chicken wing section.
But as you can see, one of the most remarkable features of this store is it's beer selection. There is a 20 foot+ long refrigerated case of just magnums of chimay and ale beer from all over the world. There is a huge dairy style case of just 6-packs. and an unrefrigerated section of various large bottles of all types of stuff.

I know that the Bowery Whole Foods on the lower east side has a whole beer store with a separate entrance. But this new Tribeca outpost is walking distance from the Rosenblog Residence. Just what I needed, another excuse to drink more beer! It's like a beer candy store... the selection is staggering. Way to go, organic guys.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tap That

The geniuses at Krups (they usually make high-end coffee makers, etc.) have come up with a brilliant new product- the Krups Beer Tender. This wonderment is designed exclusively for use with the Heineken mini-kegs and uses a carbonating system to make sure that the beer stays fresh for 30 days. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Heineken (yes I visited the museum in Amsterdam). It wouldn't take me 30 days to drink one of those mini-kegs...