Monday, March 10, 2008

Keep the Devil Down in the Hole

Season 5's finale of the best scripted drama to ever appear on television (yep, I said it) aired last night. This article from the Detroit Free Press is a pretty accurate description of the way that I feel about the show.
The only series that I've liked nearly as much on television (network and cable included) in the past 5 years (or more) was The Sopranos, of course. The finale of The Wire and the entire 5th season really proves what a difference it makes between having various writers work on a show over the course of several seasons versus the same writers on the show from day one through the end of the series. David Simon and crew (Simon wrote or co-wrote all 60 episodes, with partner Ed Burns co-writing 42 of those) deserve all the kudos imaginable for their portrayal of Baltimore's politics, media, dope dealers and police. What more satisfying an ending could one have hoped for in the last two episodes? I say the last 2 because that's how much it required to wrap everything up, and it was more like a two-part finale with a climax and following resolution. I've heard people complain about this or that regarding last nights finale, but face it: the only bad thing about the series is that it's over.

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N/A said...

I love that song and the way a new person sang it each season...this show was the best and I loved that Michael robbed Marlo in the end! They raised a good soldier in that boy.