Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jay-Z on Shade45

Over the past few weeks since the departure of Cipha Sounds from the Shade45 Morning Show we have been checking out how our beloved Angela Yee has faired with new various co-hosts. One of the most regular and recurring favorites has been former Editor-In-Chief of XXL magazine, Elliott Wilson. I know this will just refuel the false rumors that Shady and/or Interscope had/has some hand in the magazine since we helped them grab the rap mag crown since our classic Em/Dre/50 cover back in '02, but who cares... Elliott has stepped to the plate big.
So big, in fact (pause) that he brought the one-and-only Hov out to be interviewed on the show last week. Check out the clip below from the show and hear Ms. Yee stretch the boundaries of radio appropriateness, and a certain part of her anatomy, for Jay-Z. This is what satellite radio is all about, kids.

Sorry for the slow posting these days... family duty comes first. I'm getting back up to speed though don't worry!

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soce said...

Elliott Wilson and Angela Yee rule! Big upps to the whole morning show crew! DJ Wonder! Emoticon! Luke! Chris!