Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drapes & Carpet

This product is now on the shelves in drugstores everywhere. I never knew that people would go to this length for beauty improvement. I don't understand whether women would use this to make their hair on their head match their hair down there or whether they would want some unique coloring down there or whether it's for graying or what. Also, why a special product for this? Wouldn't any old hair dye work or are there some special properties of this particular dye that make it more suitable for this purpose? Discuss.


N/A said...

I cannot stop giggling to even think of why they would sell that. Can you imagine if you had a bad reaction to it and had to see a Doctor..LOL

I Vomit Glitter said...

I was always under the impression that when encountered with the carpet area, color was the last thing being contemplated. Although, I could imagine that pink or blue might drive one to distraction from the task at hand.

Laura D said...

Oh dear God! Women are better off shaving rather than risking maiming a very sensitive area like that. Women go through enough pain for beauty already; this is ridiculous.

Unknown said...

at least they're not selling merkins at Walgreens.

rockymeet said...

Hello sir according to my view point i don't thing that it's safe to use this on that part of the body,coz it's sensitive area so please make you sure is good and really risking :)
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