Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DJ Hero- Renegade Edition Revealed

Starting today, on-line retailers are going to begin offering pre-orders for the DJ Hero Renegade Edition game. I've played the final version of this game, and it's really a blast. I'm not going to be surprised if this thing is the hardest-to-get-gift this holiday season, so it might not hurt to get your order in early.
So, what's the difference between this version of the game and the regular one? Aside from the fancy packaging, (see front of box below) this edition has some cool extras.
This edition comes with a stand for the turntable that has telescoping legs to adjust the height, as well as a carrying case. The case, which is styled after and feels like a real DJ road-case "coffin", doubles as the top of the stand. See below.

Also, this edition has a sleeker, branded turntable peripheral with gold accents and changeable "record label" Eminem and Jay-Z stickers, as shown below.

And, this version of the game comes with a special 2-cd set of Jay-Z and Eminem music. I can't reveal everything that will be on the discs (partially because we are still working on it), but there will definitely be some exclusive and new things. The artwork for these CD's is spectacular as well... details later.
So for now, do yourself a favor and put in that pre-order. I'm telling you this game is going to be the one that people are selling on eBay for over-retail amounts and stores will be sold out of. And if I'm wrong, then you still have a great game and CD's nobody else has... So there.


Laura D said...

Definitely gonna get me one! Thanks Paul.

JR said...