Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Flip Fired

The inevitable occurred this morning when Detroit Pistons' Head Coach Flip Saunders was canned. He has one more year on his contract for $5+ million dollars that will be paid out while he sits this year, I understand why he's being let go. As Joe Dumars explained in today's press conerence, he had seen enough in the last 3 years with Flip to know that he didn't want a lame duck season during his final contract year, and didn't feel strongly enough to sign him for a longer period of time.
As the Pistons' General Manager further explained, no player is safe after this season- "everyone is in play". It appears that Joe is adamant about making some major moves this off-season, and that he also is adamant about coming back stronger. As Joe reasons, there is no rebuilding. As long as he is with the organization, he expects to compete at an elite level. He cut himself short from saying "rebuilding years are bullshit". Gotta love this guy, he's so no-nonsense and keep-it-real.
As for me? Yeah I'm disappointed for sure. I feel like we could have and should have beat Boston, especially in games 5 & 6. But we didn't, and that's that. I'm still very proud of our team, they have been the clear dominant contenders in the East for the past 6 seasons, and we still have that ring in '04. I believe in Joe D. and we'll be back.

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