Monday, June 16, 2008

Rosenblog Grounded- The Update

For those of you that know and care about me (and those that don't and don't) I really mangled my ankle. Turns out that when I made the stupid step out of my truck into a hole in the cobblestone and rolled my ankle like dough that I tore 3 ligaments. One of them completely. And ruptured a tendon. So, I didn't break anything (as you can see from the x-ray above, or not) but I'm going to be in this stupid boot for another couple of weeks. Then, physical therapy! Hooray! The whole process should be a quick 6 months of healing. 6 months... are you serious??? What a dumb, dumb injury. At least I am off crutches now but I have to inject blood thinners before I get on a plane so that I don't get clots. Awesome.

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N/A said...

I have never in my life been broken, people have tried to break me, but I am unbreakable..

That must of hurt like no other!