Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost Lost Detroit

Check out this video for Detroit hip-hop artist Marqise Porter's song "Almost Lost Detroit". This isn't a high budget slick video, just a collection of pictures showing the blight and despair in The D along with some bleak, sobering statistics. I thought this would be a good companion to run with the recent article I posted below about the potential automobile industry bail-out. Imagine, if you could, that the situation could get much worse even.

Thanks to Gluck for the link.


Diogenes said...

Wow. This inspired me. I posted a blog of my own:

I had to move from Michigan to find work in St. Louis and you feel the geospatial dislocation every day. The weather. The dialect. No "up north". No fresh water oceans. No Mystery Spot. No Mackinac Island. No Joe Louis Fist. No Spirit of Detroit. I am hoping for a return one day.

Unknown said...

Chk out this HD vid "Detroit Wildlife" @

Unknown said...

Here's the link to the real video for Almost Lost Detroit
A lil late but here it is, in case you didn't know it was 1

Unknown said...

More Good Music where that came from! Locked And Loaded! Detroit's Best Kept Secret! New Heat Comin Feb. 2009!