Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eminem The Way I Am Video Review

This kid rules.


N/A said...

The best part of that book are the pages of his writing. It shows you how he puts it all together in his mind.

That CD was a pain in the ass to get out.

Charm said...

I love geeks and I mean that in the most nicest way. They are an interesting breed.
In the end through all the bullying and harassment, they grow up and get the hottest chicks.
Unlike this kid, some geeks go undercover.

jpepe said...

Ummmm kinda at a loss for words with this one. haha. To be honest I think I kinda wanna hang out with that dude, just to pick his brain for a few you know?



Matt Burke said...

this dude is, uh, this dude is something else.