Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bacon & Avacado Burgers & McWhat?!?

I passed this place in LA and I was perplexed. I've never even heard of a bacon & avocado burger, let alone knew that there was a whole establishment dedicated to this sandwich. Way to keep it niche, Howard. My man.

In other burger musings, this real-life Coming to America scenario reported in the Detroit Free Press that some dude opened up a restaurant across the street from a real McDonald's restaurant called "Nicky's D's". Click here to see their ridiculous trademark infringing sign and logos... Takes chutzpah for sure.


Laura D said...

Avacado is great on burgers! Also, straight from Australia is a burger that comes with a fried egg on top...delish!

David Parke said...

ah, Venice. they can do no wrong.