Sunday, November 18, 2007

Detroit Radio

My man DJ Houseshoes hipped me to this site about old school Detroit radio. It has great relics and artifacts from local radio stations back in the days. I've always been into graphic design, so the bumper sticker section is particularly cool to me (WABX anyone?).
The above sticker is from WRIF, Detroit's classic and hard rock station, and is in honor of Arthur Penhallow's signature bellow. WRIF used to make stickers in the identical oval shape to the above with all sorts of bands. In high school, my brother and I collected them. So did everyone else. We had a leg-up though, our next door neighbor was the printer. We had boxes of them.
In honor of the MSU Spartans defeat over Penn State yesterday (a bowl bid for the first time since '03!), here's another one.

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Del Villarreal said...


I was hoping that you could help me find the name of the company that prints/makes the classic WRIF stickers. Any help in identifying the local business that actually made these would be very helpful.

Thanks for your consideration,


-Del Villarreal del at motorbilly dot com