Friday, November 23, 2007

Shameless Plug: Nort

Our friend, world renowned modern artist/designer and NY graff legend Stash has a great retail spot on Lafayette and Bleecker in the Village of NYC called Nort/Recon. It is a high-end Nike only seller and also offers a variety of upper-crust streetwear, including Stash's own brand Recon. The store also has accessories for your head and numerous stuff way too cool to just be spoken of. It must be witnessed, just like the store itself. Wait, you don't live in NY? Ok, then. The online shop is supposed to go live real soon. Like today soon!
Here is a link to the live and up-to-date news site. There you will find updates on products, Stash's travels and work related life, and everything related to it. Now the real plug:

Oh, I forgot to mention.. I am partners with Stash and Co. on the Nort/Recon retail effort. Go get yourself some kicks on this big shopping weekend at a deep discount!

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