Sunday, January 27, 2008

Collie Buddz- "Blind to You" NY Giants Dub

Check out the vocal remix/dub of dancehall/reggae artist Collie Buddz song "Blind to You". Even though this guy is born and raised in Bermuda, he's rooting for the G-Men in the big game a week from today... (Although I suspect this came with substantial prodding and urging from his NY manager Dino!).
If you haven't bought it yet, Collie Buddz' debut self-titled album is out now. It's very solid... I especially like "Come Around", "Sensimillia" & "Defend Your Own".

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djbumrush said...

Song doesn't seem to be working. It's an awesome track though, heard it a few days ago on Hot 97. Let's go Giants!

Nice blog by the way, lot's of exclusive stuff I wouldn't normally come across. Keep it up Paul!