Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Decorative Football Face Paint

I don't really like this. Grease paint on football players' cheekbones is supposed to prevent glare from the sun and the stadium lights from bouncing off of sweat and oil on players faces into their eyes... Ok, fair enough. But when you paint white letters and numbers over the black paint, it kind of defeats the purpose. Furthermore, why are supposed tough guys painting cute little letters and numbers on their faces? Its almost as bad as those stupid little elbow ties that players wear, a la The Ultimate Warrior. Do those serve a purpose? I don't see how. The NCAA should ban this silly area code and random message practice.


Skip rose said...

I don't think that's eye black, its those things that look like black band aids and they write on them. still looks like shit tho.


Sid said...

its just not manly.