Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year Wishes Deadline

I'm not like a particularly grumpy person, although I do have my moments (see before 10 a.m.). I do, however, have some very particular pet peeves... One of them is people wishing me "Happy New Year" more than a couple of weeks after the 1st of January on any given year. Now, I know that's kind of unfair because maybe I didn't see someone or talk to them for the first couple of weeks of the year. But, by this time, I'm over it. It's 2008, and we are living in it. The holiday festivities are over, man. Done. If you are going to wish me a Happy New Year after a couple of weeks in, why not call me in 2 more weeks and wish me a Happy February? Once, someone actually had the nerve to pull this stunt half-way through February. "Happy New Year, man!" No.
The official cut-off date was today, Jan. 15th. So cut it out.

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saza said...

Common man, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)
Hope it's not too late :D