Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jay-Z & Mary J. at the Garden

Tuesday night we went to check out the Jay/Mary show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. This was quite a grown-folk affair which is a little different than other Jay concerts I've seen at the Garden, but still very effective. Both Mary and J had elaborate full bands, Mary with a full string section and Jay with a horn ensemble. The transition between acts was seamless as not only did Jay come out and perform a couple of numbers during Mary's set, but Mary came on later and did the same for Jay. Also, both used the same stage set, which allowed for very little turnover time between them. The difference in the set appearance was accomplished by elaborate video programming on the several LED screens which comprised the majority of the set. The highlight for me was when Method Man came out of nowhere for his special guest appearance performance on "All I Need" with Mary J. Classic material, like this airbrush backdrop concert photo souvenir (insert irony). Thank you Meneilly for the great seats (he could be seen conducting from the sound board).

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N/A said...

I have only one song of his on my iPod wit him and Eminem (Renagade)and I do not see wat all the hype is about.

Just saying.