Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sit This One Out, Chauncey

With Mr. Big Shot sidelined due to a strained hamstring (don't you hate when announcers just call it a 'hamstring' like 'Chauncey is out with a hamstring'... no kidding, we know he has a hamstring), the Detroit Pistons managed to do what no team has done yet this second round of NBA playoffs- they won one on the road. Quite an accomplishment. Kobe and them couldn't pull it off, neither could Boston. Gotta give it up to Rip Hamilton with his 32 points and amazing fourth quarter play, in addition to The D's most solid player thus far in the post-season, Tayshaun Prince (of Compton). Now if Rip can just play that well in the same game that Sheed is poppin' and we have Chauncey back look out. Unbeatable... everyone knows it. Look for the Pistons to put this one away in Detroit on Tuesday night, and have some time to rest up for their SIXTH consecutive Eastern Conference Finals.

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