Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crown Jewels

The private auction house Phlllips de Pury & Company is holding an auction this fall to coincide with this year's VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors show. This will be an awesome, first-of-it's-kind auction of jewelry owned and worn by hip-hop artists. Imagine owning one of DMC's gold ropes, Big Daddy Kane's Nefertiti medallion, or one of Slick Rick's awesome rings. Better yet, how about Ghostface's falcon gauntlet? Wow... I'm not gonna miss this one.
Part of the proceeds will be set aside to fund the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History Hip-Hop initiative. That sounds like a very official and proper treatment for such an original American art form. Go out and cop some dookey ropes, in the name of hip-hop (literally).

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