Saturday, June 27, 2009

Em Does Voodoo

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but never got the chance. Em called in to Shade45's All-Out Show on Thursday afternoon to announce his only full-concert performance in the US this year- New Orleans' Voodoo Music Festival on Halloween Weekend.

Tickets are available now click here.


saza said...

This interview is freaking hilarious. Thanks Paul ^^.

By the way, I seriously think Jude and Sear need to prepare the questions first before Em called in since they're always joking around and sometimes it's too out of topic. They almost got Em about Mariah in the end but it's too late.

N/A said...

Not to be disrespectful but I hate most interviews with Mr. Mathers. They always ask him stupid questions or the same question everyone else has already asked. The worst is when they just out right disrespect his privacy by pushing him to open up about proofs death. People need to learn boundaries as it is obvious he does not want to discuss it so why push it.

I would love to hear an interview where they actually ask him questions worth his and the listeners time.