Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What Are You Doing (That's Interesting)?

Ok, I definitely am down with Twitter. It's the closest thing that artists and actors, etc. have to direct interaction with their fans, and as a social tool, messaging system, and electronic communication device it's purely genius. If you say you aren't into it, I'd hazard to guess that you haven't really tried. Twitter-haters are lame.
Try opening an account and searching a topic. Where else can you instantly see what a huge community of users are saying about a given subject so quickly? It's really amazing and definitely fascinating on many levels.
Here's what I can't stand though... I know Twitter asks "what are you doing?" But do we really want or need to hear it all? Do we need to know that you are brushing your teeth or walking your dog? Save that stuff for your diary. Most of us really don't care.
Use it to tell us interesting things. Your thoughts. Things you are doing or did that are truly of interest, different, or curious. Send us links to cool shit. But please don't tell us what you ate for breakfast. We don't care.


Anonymous said...

An interesting observation and I am inclined to agree.

btw: You didn't answer a question I asked you on Twitter, probably because you get so many @ replies, but thats cool I know you are a busy dude.

What I was going to ask was is there a fan mail address for Em? I can't find it anywhere on his website and I want to write an old fashioned letter.


Dao said...

I like to tweet about the girls that I sleep with.

Nettiema said...

I agree! I don't use it much n I haven't added really neone but my frenz n recently em n mcvoy. I'm going to adding u n a bit n see who else interesting! I like that I can find thing out from artist, but some ppl put some lame stuff up there n saying I haven't. I don't xpect a reply from anyone but I try to comment on things I like etc..I bet ppl get all but hurt wit you huh?? N ya an eminem addy would b great! But honeslty its not like I would send anything. But I have always tried look for it as well n haven't been able to find. Thanks again for all u do

Mr. 40. Watt said...

Twitter is da twitt...lol!!! It's pure genius in it's simplicity. It helps 2 bridge da gap between artists who have true musical talent but who don't know shit bout how 2 use da internet. U know them young ass ol' school bamma ass Twiggaz like me...lol!!!

- Mr. 40. Watt -