Thursday, June 04, 2009

Travis Barker- Eminem "3 a.m." Remix

Forgot to post this after RR had it up and it was on Travis's youtubes. Sick.

Remix will be available soon on


CanuckKid said...

Barker always amazes me, pure talent.Is this gonna be released as an official remix ? Need to get this.

Tania said...

hi Paul!!! i love your should write more... it's a blog destinated to be successful...mmm sorry if u dont understand me so much... buet im from mexico and im not sure that i'm writing good... plz say eminem that i love him and plz could u propose eminem come to Mexico city!!! plz!!! we have waited him for years!!! well... thanks paul for having u decided to start a blog

Unknown said...

Found this on You tube awhile back and threw it up on my blog. That remix should be released on ITUNES.

Vanilllove said...
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