Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Knux in NYC

Myself and Dart Parker at Goliath Artists manage the above-pictured (pardon the clarity it was late) group, The Knux. This photo is from their debut NYC performance at Mark Ronson and Aaron LaCrate's monthly super-hip extravaganza, YoYo! at Love in the village. On the left is Al and the right is Krispy.
These two natives of New Orleans signed to HHH/Interscope late last year and have completed recording and mixing their debut LP, Remind Me In 4 Days... The album should come out early next year, with some singles (not Ringles) coming your way soon. Looks like they will be on the west coast leg of a tour by a popular rapper who just dropped a fantastic album very soon. Its difficult to categorize their music, but I find myself referring to it as retro but progressive hip-hop. Both guys rap, sing choruses, and play some instruments. Its really great stuff.
The performance last night was very entertaining, and its tough to rock that crowd of skeptics with songs they have never heard before. But they did. Knux, stand up and salute yourselves!


Hell Yup! said...

RINGLES!!!! -Im all over tht...

treats said...

Ringles, oh you know I'm using that.
P-ringles, internet leaks (pre-radio) > ringtones. Not as creative, but I try.