Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Guy's Got Ball

This isn't as much a lazy post as it is a result of not having total access to my main computer because Dell doesn't like you to upgrade hard drive memory, they would rather make it so difficult to clone your system onto a new, faster, cheaper, smaller, more memory internal drive that makes you so insane that you have to buy a new Dell with upgraded memory. Well, dude, I'm not getting a Dell. I bought a nice new small external drive (because who doesn't need over 100G of music?)...
Anyway, this guy is pretty interesting. He pulled a stunt at the first ex-US regular season NFL game played in London a couple of weeks ago. I mean, obviously its tough to get onto the field of a professional sports game if you aren't supposed to be there. "Butt", to have the "ball" to wear a crotchless referee's uniform and a g-string like this and run around doing some sort of mutated moon-walk with an illegible mess scrawled on your back on an international NFL broadcast is really somethin'.

What were the players on the field supposed to do? I'm sure they want to tackle his
ass, but then they probably worried about lawsuits and whatnot and remembered they were in a different country. But, they seemed sort of oddly transfixed on this dumb mutant...

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