Friday, October 31, 2008

Commitment, Regression & Recycling

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to make it to Ann Arbor, MI for the annual intra-state rivalry between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans. I went to MSU along with my brother. 90% of the rest of my family including my mother and my sister went to U of M. I probably have 30 (not exaggerating) cousins that went to U of M, and hardly any that went to State.
So every year I make an effort (have gone to the last three) to make it to either Ann Arbor or East Lansing, Michigan for the big rivalry.
There is one major problem with Big 10 college football- the league rules don't allow for any drinking inside stadiums and arenas. I guess they think that it curbs unacceptable behavior and public displays of stupidity, nudity, drunkenness, or otherwise. What I see, though, is an opposite effect. Thousands of people gather in various parking lots and/or fields around the stadiums for a tailgate party. This generally leads to people getting super loaded before the game because they know they can't have anything to drink when they get inside. This leads to many folks really overdoing it, hence the regression. Grown-ass men and women really acting like children or teenagers at best. I'm talking jell-O shots, keg stands, passing out, etc. What I notice the most is that people forget how to be drunk, like they don't remember how to keep their wits about them when drinking because they are out of practice. I saw a 40 year old woman fall on her ass. I saw a 50 year old man doing a keg stand. Maybe if they let people buy a drink or two inside then they wouldn't have to get so wasted before kick-off.

Now, on to the game. My boy Mikey hooked us up with field passes which allow you to go anywhere on the sidelines of the game to watch. This is every football fan's fantasy and I felt like a little kid out there. Truly amazing. The Spartans hung in there for there first victory in Ann Arbor in like 20 years, and it's my first time seeing them win a game against U of M in-person. Commitment, folks.
The thing about the state of Michigan that most people learned from an old Seinfeld episode is that it's the only state that gives 10 cents back on can deposits. So when you go to buy a six-pack, they charge you 60 cents extra, hoping you will bring the cans back and do the environment a favor and recycle. Most people at the tailgates just throw the cans anywhere and this leads to professional recyclers running around the game collecting cans to get cash. It's probably pretty lucrative actually, 10 cans are a buck. These guys probably make a couple of hundred dollars per game from it. Recycling.
Next thing to note is that the teams play in this annual game for an unofficial tournament trophy. It's called The Paul Bunyan Trophy, and whichever team wins they get to keep it for the year. My old nome de rap (yep) was Paul Bunyan. Coincidence? I think not. Next mission? Getting a flick with that weird wooden statue. I'm gonna do it and you will see it here first. Commitment. I bet you can't wait.

The Shady Family

We took Piper J. out trick-or-treating tonight so that Allison could get candy. I think our simple last year's Shady hoodies freaked folks out. Why? Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

B.o.B - "Lovelier" (Live)

B.o.B is on the Hip-Hop Live tour right now and good ole' B-Rich sent us the following video of him singing his (mostly) acoustic jam "Lovelier". This kid is only 19, I still can't believe it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Knux LP Release Party

Yep... it's almost here. The Knux album Remind Me in 3 Days... comes out on Interscope Records this Tuesday 10/28/08. Here is the flyer for the release party next week. Also, look for The Knux single "Bang! Bang!" on promos upcoming for HBO's Entourage. The Knux will also be performing live on Late Night With Carson Daly this Monday, 10/27.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eminem "Feed Me Words" Freestyle

Back way back before they just switched everything over to and moved everything on-line there used to be a different form of MTV Radio. I don't know where it was broadcast originally or what was done with all of it, but our friend Stretch Armstrong had a show or job up there back around '98. I didn't know that this was actually on video, I don't remember a camera, but the audio has been floating around out there for quite a while. As my grandfather Marvin Rosenberg used to say when seeing old photos of himself "Look at that head of hair, boy..."

Thanks to Shaheem for posting this vintage footage... where's the rest?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chronic Smoked Ribs

I guess Dr. Dre started some new ventures on his visits to the Detroit area that we didn't know about... A relative in the area recently passed me this business card for a BBQ establishment in Detroit. That Dre is one heck of an entrepeneur, huh?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

50 Cent "The Money & The Power" Trailer

Fif has a new show debuting on MTV on 11/6. Check out the trailer... keep a close eye on Tony Yayo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eminem New Freestyle

We debuted this "I'm Having A Relapse" verse tonight on Shade45 live from the book release event for Eminem's The Way I Am. Here it is without the drops... Just in time for Halloween. Enjoy.

P.S. Em also announced the title of his new album tonight... Relapse.

The Way I Am Air Jordan 2

Today, Rosenblog is proud to bring you another worldwide exclusive... Seen here for the first time anywhere.
For the launch of Eminem's new book The Way I Am, we have again teamed up with Nike's Jordan Brand for a collaboration on another classic Jordan silhouette. Above is a spy pic of "The Way I Am" Air Jordan 2. This is a one-off, super limited edition sneaker.
This shoe marks the second collaboration with Eminem and Jordan Brand, the first being the Air Jordan 4 “Blueberry” that was a promo and contest winner only shoe released in conjunction with Eminem's album Encore. The Jordan 2 is Marshall's favorite Air Jordan sneaker, so he was super excited to get to be able to do another collaboration with his favorite sneaker brand.
The shoe, as seen above, will be produced in a different colorway than the original AJ2 and includes handwritten lyrics from Eminem's songs on the shoe detail (see the ankle collar and toe trim). The collaboration also includes a limited-edition "The Way I Am" Jordan T-shirt.
There will be only 313 pairs (signifying the area code for Detroit, MI) available for purchase at the official Jordan Brand “Flight Club”: To receive an invitation code text "Flight Club" to 23623.
Proceeds from the shoe will go towards Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers Foundation, an organization primarily dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in the state of Michigan.
At present time, the retail price of this collaboration is yet to be determined.
Eminem's "The Way I Am" book is available from Penguin/Dutton on Tuesday, October 21st.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Doosh Family

I know I haven't posted for a while.. all of the usual excuses apply in addition to to recent events. But here is something so awesome you may forgive me.

This guy was at Newark airport today holding that sign. I know its a horrible picture but I was trying to be coy. The Doosh Family was getting picked up from the airport.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Candidate Coffee

My favorite convenience store 7-11 (I love the Big Gulps people- pause) is holding their own poll for the impending presidential election. Apparently, when you buy a cup of coffee at 7-11's throughout the country you can either put your joe in a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup. The results are reported weekly in USA Today. Check out the site here.
Well I guess that's one way to express your opinion and lodge a vote without registering. Pretty smart marketing by the creators of the Slurpee. Does the McCain coffee come maverick flavored with a hint of deception and the subtle taste of the same 'ole (I can't help myself)? No jokes about how you like your coffee like you like your presidents... please.
I can already see the die hard Obama supporters all jacked-up on cheap coffee buying multiple cups running around Michigan screaming "we got this, people!"

Friday, October 03, 2008

Eminem- The Way I Am Contest

On October 21st, Em is releasing his second book. The Way I Am is a collection of Marshall's personal stories, reflections, photographs, original artwork, and never before published lyric sheets. In the first printing of the book, there is also a DVD included which contains Em's personally shot video footage and unreleased interviews.
A couple of my favorite things about the book are the cover and the detachable lyric sheets. The cover is a red acetate film that slides over the traditional book print (similar to Jay-Z's Kingdom Come CD). The red jacket masks the collage of Em's handwritten lyrics on top of the underlying photo... you kind of have to see it to really get the effect. Also inside the book in the back are several perforated pages which one can pull out of the book. On these pages are reproductions of Em's actual lyric sheets for songs like "Stan" and "Lose Yourself". I fought hard for the book to have the pages detachable because there is something special about being able to hold the actual page in your hand and turn it around and around to decipher what Em's semi-legible writing is saying. (Somehow he reads right off of the pages with ease and can see the song there). Again, you have to really see the lyric sheets to fully understand what I'm describing.
S0, there are two ways to do that! First, of course, you can buy the book when it comes out on 10/21 everywhere in the U.S. Second, you can enter the Sirius Satellite Radio Shade45 contest for the book by clicking here. Grand prize winner will receive a all-expense paid trip to NYC for the book launch event along with other special prizes.
I'll post some other special stuff that we are doing to celebrate the release of the book over the next couple of weeks so check back in...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big Proof

From the vaults of the great Mark "Doughboy" Hicks. Happy birthday, P.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Knux LP Cover

It leaked! The album cover that is. The Knux Remind Me In 3 Days... out October 28th!