Saturday, October 04, 2008

Candidate Coffee

My favorite convenience store 7-11 (I love the Big Gulps people- pause) is holding their own poll for the impending presidential election. Apparently, when you buy a cup of coffee at 7-11's throughout the country you can either put your joe in a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup. The results are reported weekly in USA Today. Check out the site here.
Well I guess that's one way to express your opinion and lodge a vote without registering. Pretty smart marketing by the creators of the Slurpee. Does the McCain coffee come maverick flavored with a hint of deception and the subtle taste of the same 'ole (I can't help myself)? No jokes about how you like your coffee like you like your presidents... please.
I can already see the die hard Obama supporters all jacked-up on cheap coffee buying multiple cups running around Michigan screaming "we got this, people!"


Laura D said...

I guess if you want to vote no confidence, you can buy a coffe crisp instead...a wiser choice!

Charm said...

I know most people are on here for Obama. I would go with red cup. Sorry, but I want a president that risks his life in the past to lead it for the future. Sorry, to be the odd ball.

Moe said...

Just checked the updated poll on the site. I'm loving the amount of blue I see. Obama-Biden 08!

N/A said...

I live in Arizona, McCains home state, and in my neighborhood, I swear, they only have the Obama cups available. We are not sure if it is because we have more crips then bloods running around or if it is because they do not like white people. I asked Mikey where the McCain ones where, and he smiled and said he donates them to our Democratic homeless shelter.