Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Patriot Bar

I'm sure I must have noticed this bar before which is located on Chambers Street near Church Street in Tribeca, it's just a block or so away from the heart of where the New York Giants' victory parade took place this past Tuesday. As I walked by on my way to vote in the primaries, I noticed the irony- on the day that this little bar was at it's most ironic it ever will be.
Sorry it's sideways, I'm not that nice at this html stuff.
Notice the "We Won" scribbled on the external blackboard and the Giants' fans standing out front like they just took over someone's castle. I guess they kind of did.

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Rachel White said...

the patriot is an awesomeeeee bar. It's full of bros and hoes and yuppies, but if you can get past getting stared down when you go in, the cheap cheap cheap good bar food and the 6 dollar pbr pitchers is unbeatable.