Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eminem: Wanted?

In 2004, Top Cow comics released a comic book series called Wanted which was created by Mark Millar. This comic became very popular and eventually the various issues were bound into a graphic novel.
Some time in late '04 or maybe '05 it was brought to my attention that the main character in the comic book, Wesley Gibson, bears a striking resemblance to one of my prominent superstar clients.
Shortly thereafter, we heard via my client's agents that the guy that created Wanted was running around Hollywood claiming that he had Eminem attached to play the lead in the film adaptation of the series.
After being peeved at the manner in which this guy attempted to end-around Em's possible involvement in the film (really, you are just going to draw a character that looks exactly like him and just assume that's going to cause him to want to be in the movie?) we really didn't consider getting involved. That's just not the way we do business and we left it at that.
Since the movie comes out this weekend starring James McAvoy as Wesley. I figured it was time to talk about how it really went down. Here is an article that pretty much gets the story right except for the director claiming that it was his choice to not cast Em. It actually just wasn't an option available to him.

It's a shame too, because the movie looks fun. I don't know how good the film is because I've only seen trailers but the action certainly looks sick, as does Mrs. Pitt..
Next time guys how about a quick convo, e-mail, or whatever laying out the plan. It might actually work if people aren't so put-off by your methods.


Anonymous said...

that's some kind of balls! wow. they're lucky they avoided the iron fist of a lawsuit this time.

N/A said...

I cannot see Eminem playing that part in Wanted. The role seems to much of a wuss for Eminem to play. Plus I saw the movie, the only good part was Angelina Jolie and that is because she is soooo hottt..

Anonymous said...

That's crazy, would have been good to see him back on the big screen, those comic shots look exactlty like him.

Anthony said...

Interesting, ha

soce said...

That's nuttz, the comix def look like em. Makes me interested in actually checking it out!