Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best Burgers in The D.

Today the Detroit Free Press published what I consider to be a cowardly list of the "Best Burgers in Metro Detroit". You can view the slideshow style listings here. I do appreciate the fact that the Freep (as it's known here on the web) is writing about things like hamburgers, I really do. However the list has several problems. First, it is way too broad in it's categories- "Best Old-School Burgers", "Best Loaded Burgers", "Best High-End Burgers", "Best Alternative Burgers", "Other Burgers Not to Miss"... A burger is a beef burger, unless it's a turkey or chicken or some other beef burger and it doesn't belong in this discussion anyway. What the hell is the difference between an "old school" and a "high-end burger" other than where they are served and what the ingredients are? All we care about is which tastes better. If you are going to make sub-categories for these lists how can you not include a "Best Sliders" section? This is DETROIT the HOME of GREASE.
The list is cowardly because it's too broad. It should be a 20 item list tops. It's also cowardly because it lists Miller's Bar in Dearborn first. Don't get me wrong, they serve a hell of a burger there. But it's the obvious choice. I mean, even national publications like GQ listed it as one of the top burgers in America.
Be brave, be strong, be original.
Finally, the fact that the Big Chief at Duggan's and that Hunter House are listed as "Others" is a travesty. Finally, my family and childhood favorite Greens's Hamburgers in Farmington didn't even make the list. I call bullshit.

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jpepe said...

Paul! It's 11:30 and I haven't eaten dinner, this entry made me sooooo hungry. It was like I was looking at porn on the internet when I was going through that burger slide show, haha. Thanks for sharing though!