Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sicker Than Your Average

I had to take a trip out west, and was super crazed while out there with work (and DD's wedding). Somewhere in the City of Angels I met my match. A martian virulent flu strain that knocked me on my ass for a full week.
Now, I'm not saying that I've actually been to hell, but I'm pretty sure I can describe what the gates look like. Last week Tuesday when I got to the airport I started feeling that wooziness that you feel when you are coming down with something. Lucky for me (or so I thought at the time) I ended up starting to feel O.K. towards the second-half of the flight. Came home late, watched some television, everything seemed cool. Then I woke up.
This thing kicks in hard with a searing 104 degree fever complemented by a perpetual, intensely sharp and constantly relocating headache. I'm talking about the kind of headache where you actually end up holding your head with your eyes closed and a pain so intense that you kind of can't believe it because it's so impressive. Note, this headache, and the fever, continue STRAIGHT NON-STOP FOR 4 FULL DAYS.
There is no such thing as an appetite. All you can do is drink water and juice and take Tylenol and Motrin. You are so miserable that you aren't even interested in watching television or reading or anything you would normally enjoy doing when you are ill. Around day three the spontaneous vomiting begins (what I actually threw-up I have no idea because I hadn't eaten any food) along with an extremely sore neck which you can never get comfortable.
When the fever finally breaks, you feel better for sure, but the headache remains along with the non-existent appetite and soreness. Then you spend the next three days walking around with a general state of malaise and discontent feeling like you may have been permanently damaged by this thing.
Tomorrow will be the ninth day since I started feeling sick, and I think I should be back to normal, or around 95%. I really feel bad for anyone that stumbles across this virus, it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you get it, just write the next week off and stay home and pray. Anyway since I'm almost better and I've had the last few days to catch up with my professional life, the blogging shall continue.


Laura D said...

While I lived in Toronto, I survived SARS twice, the Norwalk virus three times and that big blackout that hit years ago. If you survive a super bug you can pretty much survive anything. Live on that high for the next year!

jhemsted said...

I feel your pain. I had the same thing happen when I had strep throat. I had a MAAAADDDD head ache, sore neck, and vomiting. It was the worst headache I ever had. Hope ya feel better.

Matt said...

The same type of virus hit me right when I came back to NY after leaving FL. Was sick for a weekend, thought I was good for work and I ended up taking a cab home thinking I might pass out on the subway. Spent the next four days in bed drinking Gatorade, water and Arizona Iced Tea. Basically, I was MIA for half of January. Feel better homie.