Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rap Radar Launching 3/9/09

I have partnered with Elliott Wilson to launch RapRadar.com... See below!


(New York, NY—February 24, 2009) Magazine editor, content creator, blogger, published author, and television producer Elliott Wilson announced today the launch of RapRadar.com, a new, groundbreaking online website focused on delivering urban music, entertainment and lifestyle news.

As a popular commentator whose takes on hip hop, culture and race are notoriously impassioned and heavy handed, Wilson is the legendary former editor-in-chief of XXL magazine and founding editor of xxlmag.com, as well as the executive producer of VH-1's highly-controversial ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme and its equally provocative predecessor, ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show. Wilson's work has been published in XXL, VIBE and Rolling Stone among other publications since 1992 and he has remained one of the most influential voices in music and entertainment media for nearly two decades.

Created to fill a necessary void in the way hip hop news, feature stories and content is covered and delivered online, Rap Radar will feature a continuously updated blog which showcases Wilson's infamous hard hitting, fresh and thought provoking point of view on the most buzz worthy topics in urban entertainment. The site will include exclusive Rap Radar interviews and videos as well as aggregation with attitude as Wilson provides biting, no-holds barred commentary on news. Whether it's behind the scenes flip cam footage from high profile events, audio from local radio interviews with artists, informed insight into the most scandalous celebrity controversy, or posting and reviewing the latest records and music videos first, Wilson will stay on the pulse of documenting hip-hop culture at the tireless pace that today's music fan demands.

"You have to adapt to the times if you still want to be a music journalist in this climate," Wilson asserts. "With Rap Radar, I'll be able to create some of my finest work. No one is as dedicated to documenting this culture as I am. This is not a job. It's not even really a career. It's my life."
On Wilson's boisterous blog roll, he will also cover R&B music, gossip talk, paparazzi scenes, and sports. Rap Radar claims all things that are connected and related to hip-hop culture. With more wit and punch than Perez Hilton and as many connections as the Huffington Post can muster, Rap Radar is poised to become hip-hop's defining destination.

Currently in beta, RapRadar.com will officially launch online on March 9th.


Laura D said...

Yeah! It sounds like a great daily read. Thanks Paul

2fast2real.com said...

Cant wait.....

Malaki the Most Hi said...

What it is Bunyon! Malaki the Most Hi "Rhythm Kitchen Vet" checkin in!
I'm anxious to see what type of content your new venture will cover. I'll be checkin you out.
Peace and Blessings,

Amit Chowdhry said...

Sounds interesting. Will it be something similar to RapBasement.com?

WalkerW said...

That's what it is, I'll be looking forward to checkin me out some rapradar on the daily as well...But check it - if you by chance are in need of any in-house production or are interested in working with any upcoming producers, I'm part of a production duo named AdventureClub out of Las Vegas, NV and we just finished an EP w/ an artist named Jazz out of LV as well. It can be found right here - http://www.mediafire.com/?tnu04xzzufv - We did all the production (its all pretty eclectic) and if any of it interests you, feel free to hit me up at walker.warr3n///at///yahoo.com. I admire not only your elite, diversified artist roster (Em, B.O.B., blink) but your business game as well and I would love any chance for us to work with you. Thanks for your time.