Monday, July 06, 2009

The Sneaker Keeper

This is really funny stuff if you are the least bit into collecting or appreciating sneaker culture. If you aren't, you may just find this to be an offensive mess of ignorance. In which case you probably don't like my blog anyway. So why are you on it?
But seriously, if you are offended easily and can't see this as a completely non-endorsed-by-me piece of ridiculous humor then just don't watch it. OK, warning is done! Press play.

Props to Stretch Armstrong


Hell Yup! said...

"i never went to college but i STAY ON CAMPUS!"

N/A said...

The guys from Ditch Movies are funny. I love this one it cracks me up, we know him as Wysean. The man can make you laugh!

Unknown said...

yep that was a good way to wind down after recording a remix, not making it to the LES for a show yesterday, and giving out sneakers at my Hip-Hop workshop finale today... Some how it all culminated in this clip LOL!