Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Out Curtain

On Saturday night in the Detroit area the Blink-182 tour rolled through town. Saturday was Fall Out Boy's last night on the tour for this leg, and they don't rejoin until later on in the tour (9/18 in Irvine, CA).
So as a parting gift, Mark Hoppus and the Blink guys had the idea of playing a little prank on the FOB's. Watch below as during the first song of their set, the crew intentionally drops the kabuki curtain in front of the band, then ON the band.

It's a less expensive gag than Mark played on Pete Wentz last year when +44 was on tour with Fall Out Boy... Hoppus threw Pete's bass guitars in the Long Island Sound from the stage at Jones Beach. It was all done in good fun, and the FOB band and crew were great sports.

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