Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eminem on Playing DJ Hero

Em sat down with the Activision folks to discuss his thoughts on DJ Hero and battling real DJ's at the game. He's had a demo copy of the game in the studio for a few weeks so look out, he's got a jump on you and he's focused.

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Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

Read about how Eminem felt about losing his friend Proof. Wrote this in memory of Proof and thinking about what Eminem might say if he could see him once again.

Anyway, I thought you would find it of interest.


Eric S. Kingston


for Proof & Eminem

What is up with this blood on the street again?
Dead friend, bleeding tears, for the loss again
When will it end, the pain of lost friends again?
Tired of spinning around in the game again

Same old hell got to sell your soul again
Rain falls like blood on bodies, fear unfolds again
Whispered names of the past, cast lots again
Tired of spinning around in the maze of this game again

My old friend where you been lookin for you again?
In heaven or hell, are they the same, ring the bell again?
Angel wings, smoke filled dreams, bullets scream again
Is it the same old game in the spirit realm again?

Got to be some other way beyond pain
Pills and alcohol that kills the brain
Got to be Proof we got to live a different way my friend
Or is everything we do just endin up the same again

So this is it stuck in the sh-t in between it again
Tear the fear disappear recreated myself again
Along the lines feelin high don’t want to be that again
There’s more to the game then spinning around again
More to the pain then false gain want to win again
See you one day, after the reign, beyond this spin again
See you one day, after the reign, beyond this spin again

Eric Sander Kingston
Los Angeles, CA