Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kuniva- Midwest Marauders

D 12's own Kuniva is back with another mixtape. Our guy is spittin' something fierce here. Click here for the link, and be sure to check out the clever artwork flip on the Quest classic.


Rana V (R.V.) said...

rondell beane on the scene

Stephanie said...

Mr. Rosenberg,

I was browsing through my old blog enries and came across one I had written several months ago. Just wanted to share it with you in the hopes you'll pass along my appreciation and respect to the artist. Maybe you'll find it interesting. Maybe not. :) In any case, thanks for your time.

Stephanie Malone

Anonymous said...

I say you get Charles Hamilton signed to Shady Records 8-)

Isabelle Esling said...

This mixtape is excellent:)