Monday, September 26, 2011

The Knux- Eraser

Tomorrow, The Knux release their sophomore album entitled Eraser. If you aren't aware, The Knux are two brothers (literally) from New Orleans named Krispy Kreme and Joey LeStrat, or just Krispy and Joey (click to follow them on Twitter). We at Goliath Artists, Inc. have managed The Knux since before their Interscope debut Remind Me In 3 Days... and we are firm believers that these guys are a unique and special talent that the world needs to hear. Their new album is a previously never accomplished mix of hip-hop, electronic, pop and indie/garage rock styles that blend together in a rapturous fashion. I hear influences from De La Soul to The Clash to Depeche Mode in their music- and somehow it comes together and works. The guys produced the album themselves and write all of their lyrics, too. If this sounds interesting to you, check The Knux out and pick up their album here or check it out on Spotify or buy a copy in an actual store. You will thank me later. My personal favorite tracks are probably "Eraser", "1974", "Queen of the Cold" and "I See Stars." Let me know what yours are. Here is the LA Times review of Eraser. For more info and upcoming tour dates, visit

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