Thursday, January 31, 2013

Detroit Rubber- Episode 1

Back when Ben Silverman, producer extraordinaire and principal of Electus, reached out to me and Em to created content for their Loud channel on YouTube I had an idea in mind that had been sitting around up there for a while. I always thought that a sneaker store would make for a good reality series given the culture and passion of sneaker-heads and the frequent crossover into the music world. A good sneaker spot can have bit of a barbershop vibe in the sense that people come their to buy stuff as much as they do to share opinions, ideas and basically shoot the shit.
When we threw the idea to Ben and his team, they loved it! One problem- I didn't really know the Burn Rubber guys that well yet. I had been in the store several times and have admired their designs and hustle from afar, but I never really kicked it with them. So my guy J.D. made the introduction, and Rick and Ro turned out to be even more interesting, funny and charismatic than I could have hoped for. We turned the cameras on, and the guys and their crew shined even brighter.
Please take a minute to check out the first episode below, and if you like it, walk with us in something exclusive for the 6 episode run of the first season. We are proud to shine the light on this story of successful and positive entrepreneurial spirit straight from The D. Burn Rubber, baby.

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