Monday, October 15, 2007

The Cowgirls

Let's get a few things clear here. I really don't like the Dallas Cowboys. I also am not a fan of the New England Patriots. When I was a kid, way back in the late 70's and early 80's, there was a time where I liked the Cowboys, sure. Who didn't? It was either that or the Pittsburgh Steelers back then, Staubach vs. Bradshaw.
But when I became an independently thinking adult, I really stopped that nonsense and got my priorities straight. First, there is no such thing as "America's Team". In my opinion, you root for the team from where either a) you grew up, b) where you currently live (for at least a couple of years), c) if there is no team where you are from or where you currently live, you can pick one near by, or d) if the team where you currently live packed-up and bounced to some "expansion" city or otherwise, you can continue to root for that team (shouts out to the Los Angeles Raiders, Anaheim Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Baltimore Colts). Sure, you can prefer one team win over another. You can even cheer for that team playing against a team that you despise. But to passionately root for a team that doesn't fit into any of the categories above, to the point that you wear their gear, sing their praises, and have "sports arguments" about that team is complete BULLSHIT. You know who you are. Stop it.
So anyway, I'm from Detroit, and have lived in New York for almost 12 years. So, yeah, I'm a Detroit sports fan first and foremost. But I occasionally root for the Yankees (when they aren't playing against the Tigers) and the Giants, sometimes even the Jets (I can't deal with the Knicks, and I'm not a hockey fan at all).
Yesterday, the two biggest magnets of the types of fans in the NFL that don't fall in categories a-d above faced each other. It was tough for me, since I don't like either, but I decided to root for the Patriots. The deciding factors were easy, Jerry Jones (Cowboys owner) and Terrell Owens (proffesional douche).
So for all that don't know or follow, both teams were undefeated prior to yesterday (5 straight wins), and both teams are expected to go all-the-way to the Superbowl in February in Arizona. So this was a highly touted match/preview of two teams that a bunch of people love because they are bandwagon, brainless, traitor or clueless type individuals. The Cowgirls got smoked by Tom Brady (5 touchdown passes, a personal record- don't get me wrong, I hate him and his perfect passing too) and Randy Moss.

Above is a picture of Cowgirls owner, Jerry Jones, looking defeated. I've been saving it for their first loss. Enjoy it.

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