Monday, October 08, 2007

Scalped in DC

A brave man from Detroit and 2 of his friends took the Acela train from NY's Penn Station to DC's Union Station this past Saturday. The goal (at least for me) was to see the Detroit Lions and their "high powered" offense put a hurting on the Hogs. It wasn't to be.
There were some highlights, such as my first time at FedEx field (which honestly felt way more like a college stadium than anything else, a bit short on the amenities side), seeing some friends at half-time, and a nice supply of Lions' fans (including the beautiful man pictured below, who claimed that you get an American flag with every beer purchase- so not true).
But come on, where was my team? 3 frickin' points? 5 more sacks? This was just bad. We really need the upcoming bye week I guess.


Hell Yup! said...

In the Redskins' 34-3 win, strong coverage in the secondary helped the front seven log five sacks of Kitna.

Detroit mustered just 76 yards of passing offense, 144 yards of total offense and 11 first downs overall. On third-down conversions, typically passing downs, the Lions were a woeful 1-of-10 for the game.

Kitna finished with 16-of-29 completions for 106 yards and two interceptions. Shaun McDonald led the Lions' receivers with four catches for 19 yards, Roy Williams had three catches for 36 yards, Mike Furrey had one catch for 14 yards and Calvin Johnson had one catch for three yards.

LV said...

The Raiders are alone in first place in the AFC West, theres nothing else worth talking about.

I am willing to bet Paul the raiders finish with a better record than the Lions!!!! RAIDER NATION

P.S - I have beaten Paul 14 out of 16 times when we bet including UCLA's upset of the #1 Trojans last year, so you guys might want to jump on the boat.

Bunyan71 said...

Ah, LV, glad you joined the party. But alas, your Raiders have only won 2 games. Stop it. Really. You lost to the Lions already so stuff it.

And Dart, enjoy it while you can. You have Green Bay, the Pats, the Giants again and Dallas twice ahead. Rough times.