Saturday, January 26, 2008

Em on Funkmaster Flex '99- Part 1

I've been digitizing old cassettes lately (with the help of Chris in my office of course!) and came across this interview from 2/11/99. If memory serves me correctly, The Slim Shady LP came out on 2/23/99, so this is right around when things started to get really nuts.
The interview is particularly funny to me because a) Em sounds like he's on helium, b) I answer questions from Flex about who passed on signing Eminem, c) we talk about getting a deal for our own record label (no Shady yet), and d) Flex was meeting Em for the first time so he had some really basic questions about his early career.
I'll post the second half next week, which includes a freestyle and referenced guest background appearance from Shecky Green.


ayla said...

nice interview, looking forward to part 2.

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview, dope listening to the old radio interviews.

It's Charles Hamilton said...

I WAS SO LISTENING THAT NIGHT! That's when I lived on Broadway... CLASSIC interview... lol