Thursday, January 17, 2008

L.V. Loses a Bet!

I have a friend and business partner named L.V. who lost a bet to me. See, around the 5th week of the NFL season (Oct. 12th to be exact) when I was foolishly boasting (see post below 2-0 Swag) about the potential of the Detroit Lions, L.V. started in about his Oakland Raiders. L.V. bet me that if the Lions ended up with a better season win/loss record than the Raiders he would deface his car with pro-Detroit slogans and drive around L.A. with it for a WEEK. Needless to say, I won... The other condition of the bet was that MarK Hoppus would get to blog about it mercilessly. This is all very satisfying. Oh... if I lost? I would have had to wear a Raiders t-shirt for the day and have myself photographed and for Mark to mercilessly blog about that too. But, I won and its very satisfying. He even added a "Kitna window" for extra measure.
Doesn't L.V. look so happy? He even decided to bring in a football as a prop. How cute.

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