Monday, April 28, 2008

How Chauncey Got His Groove Back

I don't know exactly what it is... But the Detroit Pistons routinely do what they aren't supposed to do in the NBA playoffs. In '04 they weren't supposed to beat the Lakers in the finals (especially not in 5 games), in '07 they weren't supposed to lose to the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals- hell, they aren't even supposed to originally have been in the Eastern Conference Finals for the last 5 seasons. There are more examples of this.
So now, in '08, we are playing the young Philadelphia 76'ers in the first round. Philly is not considered to be one of the top tier Eastern Conference teams (#7 compared to the Pistons who are the #2 seed with the second best record in the league). But we are having a tough time with them, and of course that's not supposed to happen. But the 'Sixers are hungry, young and fast. And they are destroying the Pistons on fast breaks, hustle, aggression and offense in-the-paint I almost would have liked it better if the Pistons had squeaked into the playoffs and then my expectations would be a lot lower. But instead, we have every analyst, player and human being in front of an electronic voice-amplifying device spreading their opinions about how Detroit doesn't care, they are too relaxed, they aren't hungry, Flip Saunders resembles Huey Lewis (ok, they don't say that but Fisher and I do), etc. Even rejected former Piston and Detroit native Chris Webber has weighed in on the matter (see this article).
So what is a Pistons fan to do? My suggestion is to do like Chauncey does lately and don't even show up until the second half, if at all. Watching the first half is pretty frustrating in these playoffs, so just skip it. As a matter of fact, skip game 1 of the next series altogether if you are a Pistons fan. It will be beyond exasperating as you watch the Pistons relax strolling into the second round, cockily, to face another team they will underestimate, the Orlando Magic. I tested this theory on Sunday as spousal obligations prevented me from seeing the first half fiasco. I settled in to watch the second half comeback, without living any of the pain. I highly recommend it. And yes, I have skipped to the second round. We got this...

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May I suggest that you simply just watch this over and over again.
Or you can go the Old School Bad Boys history for Inspiration. And Yes, we got this.