Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tracy Morgan @ Caroline's

I am a huge Tracy Morgan fan. I've really enjoyed his brand of humor starting with his days on Saturday Night Live, followed by his stand up and subsequent 30 Rock success (let's just forget that The Tracy Morgan Show ever happened). On Saturday, myself and Mr. Dart Parker went to check out Tracy do his thing at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC. We've both seen Tracy perform stand-up in person around a half-dozen times, mostly in NY and once in Detroit. One thing you have to know about Tracy's stand-up routine is that its super filthy. I'm not talking like Dice or Eddie Murphy raunchy, I mean like cringe-your-face-that's-so-gross-why-is-he-even-saying-that brand of filth. So it was even more entertaining when the family pictured here (Dad, Mom and Son) were assaulted for most of the show by Tracy. In part of the clip I posted you can see some of the jabs. But he spent a few minutes (which I don't have) explaining to the parents that their son spends most of his time masturbating in his room on the Internet and so he's used to all this filth. I'll save you the description of what Tracy said the poor kid's room smells like. The parents and the son were pretty good sports, though. I've seen people literally walk out because they were so disgusted by his bits. If you have the opportunity, definitely go check him out (as long as you aren't offended by graphic sex comedy). It's great, classic stuff from an underrated modern comic gem. (Thanks to Tracy and Yee for the tickets and drinks!)


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