Saturday, September 13, 2008

The New York Times: "Meta-Rap"

Check out this article by my man Jon Caramanica on what he has dubbed "meta-rap", more commonly and somewhat derogatorily referred to as "hipster rap". I don't know what to call it personally, and each of the artists mentioned in the article are somewhat unique to me, but there is some sort of intangible that links them together. It sure is nice to see the newest movement in hip-hop covered by the pinnacle of daily literati in any case. Go, Jon!
Be on the look out for The Knux new video for "Bang! Bang!" directed by Justin Francis very, very soon.


suge white said...

as jay smooth puts it, people have been "tight jeans profiling"

Laura D said...

They have the style right and the beats right for a throwback to the old stuff. The problem is they forget that the most important thing is to make the words clear. I can't understand a damn thing they say...from what I heard on muchmusic (they featured the "metarap" on rapcity recently). When bells and whistles are used as somke and mirrors instead of complementing the lyrics, there is a huge problem. Even with lessor technology the 80's style made rap popular, and it wouldn't have made it if no one could understand the words. Anyone sampling or paying tribute to the greats should keep the magic of the lyrics in mind!

wilsonreps said...

good stuff. nice to see someone who works for the beast recognize the merit of these newer artists.