Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The R On E

This is an interesting video interview with Rakim by some French journalist. Try as he may in his European media way to sway the interview subject and let his own feelings and opinions be known, The G-d doesn't waiver on his praise for Em.

If the French man had it his way, Marshall would be wearing "clown" suits, Scarface would only make songs with The Geto Boys, and Em wouldn't have made D12 albums. Way to make your agenda known monsieur... Thank you Rakim for staying the course and being one of the best to ever rap. Props to T-Mac for the linkage.

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Laura D said...

He certainly keeps his cool and comes off well, while the reporter comes off looking like an ass. That's okay, Em's too busy planning a birthday bash to surpass his half-life party last year!!!