Friday, December 19, 2008

Hanukkah Radio Audio- 2008

Today on Sirius XM's Shade45 we broadcast the 2008 edition of Hanukkah Radio. The theme for this year was "This Is How We Jew It", and we did Jew it indeed.
The Shady 5 list for this year was our favorite Rick Rubin productions, we had another installment of Jew Or Not A Jaw, played several ridiculous Hanukkah songs, and had a special guest in our second hour.
If you have a couple of hours, check out the full broadcast below. No offense to anyone offended much. Leave your comments and suggestions for the show, and we'll try to improve it in 2009... we sure could use help!

If for some reason you want more, click here for 2007's show.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' awesome Hanukkah show this year my brothers! Keith and I are thankful and proud to have inspired the theme, and for the spin...

Tons of great stuff in there, I love the wacky soundboard Paul... and the Colbert/Stewart duet is my new favorite holiday jam! And even Lord Searstein seemed lively...

Mazel Tov!

--Shecky Green

N/A said...

I listened to this as I cleaned my house today. It was funny..

"What are you gay" was heard around my house all day as my friends 3 - year old daughter was all over it! I forget how kids pick up on was funny.