Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Festivus

A holiday for the rest of us. Enjoy the clips... Classic material.


Laura D said...

Sounds like my family gatherings!
Torture chambers may be more fun! I need a pole!

Anonymous said...

Yo Wassup Paul...great vid hahaha
but i'm here to ask you something...could you tell me if eminem even thought about doing a concert in Brazil?yeah,cuz i'm brazilian and we had a lot of hip- hop artists here like 50 cent and others but Eminem never came up here,and one more thing..you think you could ask eminem to sign an Brazilian flag to me?i think i'm the only brazilian fan that have an Official Eminem's Website in here,with my co-worker Claudio you can check it here (www.eminem.com.br) we have the latest news,we are always in contact with universal to bring fans some exclusive shit from Em,and i think you and him didn't know about our website,So can you or Em Sign an Brazilian flag and post the pic in your blog?so our website visitors will fuckin love it,cuz you know eminem have more than a milion fans here in brazil and he didn't talked about our country yet(i think)

thanks in advance i wish you a mery xms and a very great happy new year

peace man

Gustavo Jax.

jpepe said...

Yessss thank you so much for posting this! My all time favorite show in the world. I made my donation to the Human Fund this year did you? haha


- Joseph Pepe