Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Lasting Effect

This car was parked near where I was staying this weekend in the Detroit area... I guess the movie we put out a few years ago had a lasting effect. Man, this guy is reppin' hard for 8 Mile. In a jacked-up yellow Hummer. Good for him. Good for us.

P.S. I'm not making any more excuses for not posting frequently. I'm over it. I do my best, I'm busy as hell, I blog for fun. I don't want to feel guilty about not blogging anymore. So leave me alone, blog! That's what Twitter is for!


Laura Hyatt-Author said...

Cool car and don't feel guilty about not blogging, twitter is much more fun!

Amit Chowdhry said...

I think that 8 Mile has left an everlasting impression of the struggle that people in Detroit have to go through.

More than 20% of the kids that live there are in poverty which puts them at an automatic disadvantage to make something out of themselves.

But the people in Detroit don't need pity, as long as people have the drive, they'll make it. The Oscar that 8 Mile won was well deserved.

N/A said...

Wonder how many people follow the driver thinking Eminem is riding in that car..