Thursday, March 05, 2009

Senior Choir Hip-Hop

Not quite sure what to say about this masterpiece. I mean, WOW. I can't believe nobody told me about it sooner. It already has over 600,000 views. It's really pretty genius actually. I know they weren't serious and someone put this project together as a big goof, but to think about teaching those old ladies some of the lyrics that they said is hilarious. Wish we could see more of the choir leader, he's gangsta.


Unknown said...

I think we need to get that choir to back up Em at next years Grammys! I work for the academy so lets make it happen! jesse.eichner[at]

N/A said...

Thought you might find this funny.

It kind of goes with this post of yours.

BK_ONASIS said...

Great blog!! Really enjoy it!

If yoy get a chance check out this video Paul!


Laura D said...

Thanks! Totally made my night.