Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Balls Brothers

We went to europe last month. While we were there, I did what I always like to do- act like a 14 year old when it comes to nut jokes. So here are some photos from the trip. Some of them are really remarkable. These are real places, no photoshopping here.
Balls Brothers Pub- London

Balzac Coffe- Berlin

Balls Sports Bar- Amsterdam

This incredible trio of scrotum-themed establishments prompted us to coin a new name for the crew that was there- The Balls Brothers. That's just how we do it.


Unknown said...

hahaha...don't we all do the same? lol

kelly said...

i was having a shitty day and this made me laugh. thanks for posting it :)
ps - my fave has to be the balzac one

Dao said...

this is awesome.

Laura D said...

can't help but snicker. it's better than my friend who thinks the signs 'talk' to her, like when she is thinking about a guy and she sees a balls sign she thinks 'he's the one'.